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We understand there is a meaningful gap between the number of professionals going into the cosmetology/beauty field, and the number of people you need to serve your clients. And, compounded by the decreasing number of students passionate about the cosmetology industry, ultimately leading to overall declining enrollment numbers. Therefore, we believe the solution to that problem is invigorating the perception, image and outstanding immediate career opportunities that exist will lead to adding quality professionals to the industry itself.

So, in order to spread the message to potential students, we turn on our Marketing Machine, by leveraging our 30 years of experience and understanding in the EDU space AND attitudinal behaviors, lifestyle triggers of the students in order to create interest in the profession, and even more important, interest in your company. Our entire focus is to define and create a unique value proposition for you. Spreading the message to potential students as well as enrolled students. All the while, creating advocates of the program and your business. To position you as the employer of choice.

While we know these efforts will fix the long-term issues, we understand you have employment pain issues now. We know this, because we’ve done our homework. Our research and analytics team has turned up key industry data that clearly indicates the huge challenge in filling your vacant stylist seats with quality graduates. Furthermore, we know that owner/operators are running at give or take 60% capacity on any given day, and, the turn-over rate is high.

Our Employer Services Group has the key to your success with both a short AND long-term solution to solve these employment issues. In short, it’s a “win, win, win” for employers like you, the students and the schools.

To get more details about this incredible opportunity, please contact Matt Killday at:
Email: matthew.killday@thru-line.com.