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Beauty Schools Marketing Group (BSMG) is a division of Thruline Marketing. Together, we are a full service education marketing partner dedicated to helping schools in the cosmetology industry attract, enroll, and retain students.

What We Do
For Our Partners

Working with us ensures these great perks and more!

  • A page dedicated to your school with enticing photos, videos, statistics, and information every student is looking for.
  • Targeted marketing campaigns on various digital channels to showcase your school.
  • On your behalf, an automated email response — including your contact information and a link to your school website — will be sent to each user that requests your school.
  • Leads obtained from your school form will be sent to your admissions representative in real-time.
  • A password protected client page to access your leads, edit your automated email letter, and check your account balance.
  • A dedicated Beauty Schools representative will be available to you for ease of communication about your schools needs and listings.


Marketing your school online is very important in today’s mobile world. We offer an amazingly powerful, widely respected, family of websites that give you the best exposure possible and connects you with future students in your area, so you can increase enrollment affordably.

Contact us today! Getting started with lead generation and a BSMG partnership is easy!

To get more details about this incredible opportunity, please contact Kim Burgett at:
Phone: (913) 254-6021
Email: kim.burgett@beautyschools.com