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Expert Marketing & Admissions Webinars to Increase Your Enrollment

We host monthly webinars designed to help you better market your school and boost enrollment rates. These are available exclusively to member schools. Email Jenn Lyles today to discuss becoming a member.

If you weren’t able to attend our previous webinars, you can still email us to request a recording.

Upcoming Webinars

The New Speed-to-Lead and Outreach Strategies for Gen Z
Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Ashley Gottschalk, Cyanna Education Services
Wednesday, October 19

Getting Referrals Without Looking Super Desperate
Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Anthony Civitano, Beauty School Consultant
Wednesday, November 9

Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn
Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Jess Gardner, Ramsey Solutions
Wednesday, December 14

Past Webinars

Emotional Selling: The Secret to Higher Conversion Rates

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Shane Sparks, Enrollment Resources

Guest speaker Shane Sparks will share some highlights from Enrollment Resources’ recent research on “The Hidden Motivation of Career School Prospects”, including specific insights from more than 50,000 beauty school prospects. We will discuss the emotional needs that trigger enrollment decisions, and share ways you can tap into your prospects hidden motivations to increase marketing and admissions performance.

About Shane Sparks

Shane Sparks

A practical innovator with a passion for helping schools grow enrollment, Shane Sparks and his team at Enrollment Resources are focused on uncovering insights that make a meaningful difference to student recruitment. Shane co-founded the company in 2003. He has led service delivery, product development — including the creation of Virtual Adviser, ER’s flagship lead engagement SaaS solution — and now serves as CEO.

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Turn your Website Traffic Into More Leads

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Valarie McBee, Thruline Marketing

Your website is the greatest tool for generating future enrollments – are you missing an opportunity to generate more leads? Discover simple tweaks you can make to your website to improve conversion rates and learn how you can get more form fills on different areas of your website. We’ll even share details about our new, affordable Website Performance Package that guarantees more leads! This is one webinar you won’t want to miss.

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Cross-selling Programs: Turning Makeup Leads into Cosmetology Enrollments

We all get them – leads who request information for a program we don’t offer or a for a smaller program that doesn’t offer financial aid. How do you turn makeup or lash extension leads into a cosmetology enrollment? Would a nail lead want a larger program? Join us for this webinar with co-guest speaker Sarah Holmes who will give away her top-notch secrets for cross-selling programs. If your school only offers one or two programs, this is one webinar you won’t want to miss.

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Creating Events that Turn Into Enrollments

Old school open houses don’t work anymore. Get creative and plan events that lead to enrollments. This webinar will give you ideas for onsite and virtual events that will draw new leads (and old) to learn more about your school and enroll. Our leads have changed … have your events?

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Benchmarks for Admissions and Marketing: How Your Team Should Be Goal-Setting and Proper Expectations – with Special Guest Anthony Civitano

Setting goals for your admissions team is the best way to meet your population expectations, but you can’t do that without having proper metrics for marketing. This webinar will help you determine the best way to set goals, how to determine what’s working and what isn’t, and what you should be looking at on reports to stay profitable.

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Improving Your Enrolled-to-Start Rate with Special Guest Sarah Holmes

Your admissions and financial aid team do a stellar job taking a prospective student from a lead to an enrolled student. But beauty schools around the country are facing declined start rates and new students delaying their start date. What can you do to turn this around? Discover how a strategic nurturing strategy can improve your start rates.

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Next Level TikTok: How Beauty Schools Can Elevate Their Content

With more schools jumping on the TikTok train, there are things you can do to get more views, rack up more likes, and even utilize your students to share your brand. This webinar will give you concrete ideas for content creation and how to execute great videos for TikTok. Why spend more money on social platforms when you can have great reach organically on one of the most popular apps in the world?

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Putting Together the Beauty School Dream Team, from Admissions to Financial Aid to Educators

Our schools aren’t immune from The Great Resignation, and many organizations are suffering from high turnover and are unable to find quality replacements. Where do you go to recruit new admissions and financial aid reps, educators, or even administrative staff? Should you offer signing bonuses? Are there other tweaks you can make for your school to be a more desirable place to work? Learn what the top companies in America are doing to retain employees, how you can find new talent, and how to put together a beauty school dream team.

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Getting the Most Out of BSD Leads: How They’re Different and How to Convert to Them

Beauty Schools Directory (BSD) generates thousands of leads per month, and these qualified leads turn into a slew of enrollments for our members. But if you want to increase your conversion rate with Beauty Schools Directory, you need to work these leads slightly differently than you would an organic lead straight from your website. Discover new admissions strategies that will help you turn these leads into enrollments and find out how to tweak your messaging to get better results.

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TikTok for Beginners and How Beauty Schools Should Be Using It

With more than one billion monthly active users, TikTok has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms in existence today. In 2020, TikTok broke records for the most downloads in one quarter. This webinar will explore how beauty schools can capitalize on the growth and organic reach this app has to offer, while showing you the basics of what TikTok is and why Gen Z can’t stop scrolling. If you’re looking to get in the TikTok game, you won’t want to miss this presentation

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The New School Way to Contact Leads

We’ve seen a giant pivot with the way leads want to be contacted today. With Gen Z entering our schools and millennials adopting to a new way of conversing, it’s time you updated your admissions strategies to meet your leads where they’re at. This webinar will explore a new way to contact new leads that will lead to more engagement and booked tours.

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What Marketing Channels Have the Biggest ROI?

This webinar will break down the various marketing channels that beauty schools should consider for the biggest ROI. Whether you’re a large or chain or a one-campus school, things have changed. What worked for you three years ago may not work for you now. You’ll learn how to look at data in a new way to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of marketing.

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