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60 Additional Enrollments by Spending $1,000/month

A Case Study with Stacey James Institute

Stacey James Institute

 Currently we are generating quite a few tours from BSD leads. And we are getting immediate responses from leads.
–Patty Westra, Executive Director

Stacey James Institute, a school located in Parker, CO, enrolled 60 additional students in one year with Beauty Schools Directory (BSD) leads. That’s an average of 6 extra students in each class start.

*Stacey James Institute enrolls every 5 – 10 weeks. See schedule here.

It’s important to note that BSD isn’t the only generator of leads for this one-campus school that offers Cosmetology and Esthetics programs. Executive Director Patty Westra shared that the school has other digital campaigns and, of course, their website to generate leads for the admissions team.

Let’s Break Down the Numbers

Stacey James Institute’s Results Using BSD Leads

Out of

530 leads

This school generated

60 enrollments

This is a

11.32% conversion

Resulting in

$199.18 CPE


*Stats provided are based on one full calendar year. Leads generated in later months are still touring and may enroll in future months.

These results are not typical of most BSD clients – but it is possible! Even if they had enrolled at a 3 percent conversion rate, which is the average that schools enroll BSD leads at, they would still have a cost-per-enrollment of $800.

Generally, cosmetology schools should shoot for a CPE of under $1,000.

Texting is Key

Patty said the best response from BSD leads has been via text. This is no surprise to Beauty Schools Marketing Group. A recent internal test we conducted with our entire database of leads suggests that over 90 percent of leads prefer to communicate over text message compared to phone.

Did you know…

You can set up an auto-SMS to BSD leads you’re matched with at no extra charge! Just another benefit to becoming a member.

Regardless of your admissions strategies, this is undeniable evidence that concludes leads will still book tours over text messaging.

“Currently we are generating quite a few tours from BSD leads,” Patty said. “And we are getting immediate responses from leads.”

BSD’s Lead Form

One of Stacey James Institute’s favorite things about BSD is that they’re provided all the relevant information a school would need to contact and nurture a lead.

BSD’s Funnel

BSD Funnel
BSD Funnel

The BSD funnel (pictured above) shows you what information is gathered if someone fills out a form. Schools will receive this information via email and/or delivered into your CRM.

“It’s simple and precise,” Patty says. Her best advice is to continue working the leads. Good follow-up and great communication will get them in the door. A stellar tour and confidence will get them enrolled.

If you’re interested in becoming a BSD member today, fill out the form below or email [email protected].


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