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Exclusive Digital Leads

Get more leads with digital campaigns and strategies!

Search Campaigns

We create a custom, branded landing page and drive high-intent search traffic directly to your school’s branded page to generate exclusive, highly qualified leads. Leveraging our expert knowledge of paid search keywords for beauty schools, we’ll find even more prospective students who are specifically interested in your school.

Social Campaigns

Using engaging, branded ad creative (including video) on social channels like Facebook and Instagram, we use proprietary audience profiles and insights to funnel even more high-intent leads to your school.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We are experts in converting digital traffic into leads. Our forms and landing pages are not only built to have more prospective students complete the funnel, but we also constantly A/B test these pages to ensure you’re improving conversion rate when you drive paid traffic to a landing page. We have been able to generate up to 50% more leads for a school with our CRO expertise.


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