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Improving Student Retention with Gen Z-Centered Gamification

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Marc Barron, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President of CourseKey

Is there a way to better engage our Gen Z students to keep them coming back to school, and even motivate them to graduate on time? The answer is YES!

Join us for our upcoming webinar with guest Marc Barron, Co-Founder of CourseKey for a lively discussion about why Gen Z is programmed differently and how we can effectively drive attendance, salon/spa service and sales goals, higher grades, and so much more!

We’ll dive into:

  • Gen Z programming (why they are the way they are)
  • Challenges for retention today
  • Ideas to keep students engaged in the classroom
  • Adding gamification elements to drive success

About Marc Barron

Marc Barron

Marc is a founding member and Executive Vice President at CourseKey, a leading mobile-first student retention platform. He has successfully launched software products in over three hundred post-secondary colleges and universities with hundreds of thousands of learners across the United States. He is a co-inventor of multiple U.S. patents in the education sector. He has successfully built partnerships and system integrations with the market-leading Student Information and Learning Management Systems. Marc has managed cross-platform engineering and product development teams in various regions and locations across the globe. He was co-PI in a study conducted with Dr. Jay Rosenberger at the University of Texas Arlington to improve student outcomes. Marc served as an advisor for Egrove Education, which is a mobile spatial visualization application aimed at improving the GPA of math and science majors.

Beyond his executive role, Marc’s passion for mentoring and community development shines through his active participation in several prestigious boards and initiatives to foster entrepreneurship and STEM education, especially among underrepresented groups. His contributions to San Diego State University ZIP Launchpad, University of San Diego StartR Accelerator, Startup San Diego, San Diego Squared, and the CONNECT ALL @ the Jacobs Center exemplify his commitment to leveraging technology for educational advancement and community upliftment.

Revolutionizing High School Outreach

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Joy McClure, Chief Admissions Officer for Tricoci University

With 50% of high school graduates actively pursuing non-degree options, there has never been a better time to build a strong high school outreach program. Join our Executive Director Jenn Lyles as she interviews Tricoci University’s Chief Admissions Officer, Joy McClure, to see how their 15-campus school recruits high schools students to enroll in their beauty programs.

This is guaranteed to be one of the hottest topics in beauty school recruitment for 2024!

We’ll chat about:

  • High school counselor relationships
  • Events
  • College Visit Days
  • Articulation agreements with school districts
  • Booth and swag
  • & so much more!

About Joy McClure

Joy McClure

Joy McClure serves as Chief Admissions Officer for a 15-campus beauty and wellness school, Tricoci University. For more than 15 years she has been shepherding educational institutions to discover and develop their unique niche. Joy has influenced cultural changes, to make campuses more attractive to students and faculty. She has the authentic ability to recognize the gifts of others, and then, Joy gives her people the opportunity to express those gifts.

Live Chat on School Websites: Is It Effective Today?

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Eric Kades, CEO of TextChat.com

With phone, email, text, social DM, and live chat – are we over-complicating our outreach strategies or is there a place for live chat on school websites?

Jenn will interview Eric Kades, owner and CEO of TextChat, to see how effective live chat can be and how to get results. This lively discussion will show the pros and cons of chats on websites and how AI is becoming and increasing (yet scary) model for these services. Bring your questions to this live webinar!

We’ll discuss:

  • The right and wrong way to do live chat
  • Transitioning live chats to texting
  • AI and live chat
  • Working with a third-party texting and live chat team
  • Increasing conversions in the admissions process

About Eric Kades

Eric Kades

Eric is the CEO of TextChat.com, a leading SaaS contact center solution in the higher education sector. A seasoned entrepreneur for over two decades, Eric has successfully built and sold various customer support businesses. His most recent business milestone was in June 2023 when he sold his car wash answering service business to Everwash, Inc.

A founding partner of Conspectus in 2000, his team steered TLK Group as a managing partner, fostering its growth from a modest team of 50 to over 2,200 employees in just six years, before its eventual sale to the Results Companies in 2016.

His foresight and innovation were evident early on in 1998 when he, along with his partners at Connect First, created the first hosted call center software for political campaigns, an initiative that played a role in Barack Obama’s presidential victories, and was later sold to Ring Central in 2019.

Harnessing insights from JetSpring and other endeavors, Eric offers an unparalleled understanding of the effective strategies to engage Millennials and Gen Z, adapting to the fast-evolving AI and messaging-driven landscape.

Video Marketing for Beauty Schools

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and John Pearson, Host and Marketing Consultant for MPC Media

Is your beauty school failing to connect with potential leads because video hasn’t been a central part of your strategy? Wyzowl reports that 91% of consumers want to see more online video content from brands. If you plan on introducing more video content in 2024, you won’t want to miss this free upcoming webinar.

In our last live webinar of the year, you’ll discover:

  • Strategies for integrating video into your marketing mix
  • Compelling ways to story tell
  • Interviewing techniques to bring out emotion
  • Slicing video for social media use
  • & so much more!

About John Pearson

John Pearson

John Pearson has always been a storyteller in the way that expands on the basic nuts and bolts and finds what makes a person or group interesting.

He parlayed that into a rewarding career as an award-winning and audience-generating television sportscaster, earning multiple Associated Press and Emmy Awards. As that industry stood still, John found that marketing companies, non-profits and other organizations needed to get beyond the traditional commercials and banner ads and found ways to tie it to content. He was able to shine for his company and, more importantly allow clients to shine by standing out from the competition.

Currently, John is a Host and Marketing Consultant at MPC Media, a leader in Content Creation, Video Production and Live Event Streaming.

Enrolling ATB Students Today While Staying Compliant

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group with Darlene Foret VP of Compliance

There is an estimated 40 million people without a high school diploma, and that number is growing. Could we be missing out on enrollments because we’re sending leads away simply because they don’t have a diploma? What are the rules on enrolling ATB students today for beauty schools?

The Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act of 2015 (Pub. L. 113-235) which was enacted on December 16, 2014 changed section 484(d) HEA to allow a student who does not have a high school diploma (or recognized equivalent), or who was not properly homeschooled, to be eligible for Title IV aid through ability to benefit (ATB) alternatives, but ONLY if the student is enrolled in an “eligible career pathway program”.

This webinar will explore the ins and outs of “Eligible Career Pathway Programs” and also offer suggestions for building processes and procedures to support positive student outcomes.

About Darlene Foret

Darlene Foret

Darlene has over 32 years of experience in private, postsecondary education holding various positions in operations, regulatory compliance, and academic services. She earned her Master of Science degree in Administration from Central Michigan University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Jacksonville University.

Darlene held various positions throughout her career as Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Academic Officer, VP of Operations and VP of Accreditation. She currently serves as VP of Compliance for a privately held group of colleges, serves as an Education Board Member for a national credentialing organization and Corporate Board Member of a private college group. Darlene also volunteers her time serving as a Leader/Chair for accreditation visits and also supports services and resources for individuals who seek a college education but do not have a high school diploma.

Outperforming Competitors in Beauty Schools

In today’s digital age, students have more choices than ever when it comes to education. To attract and retain students, beauty education institutions need to offer a personalized and engaging experience.

This webinar will explore proven strategies for enhancing student engagement, using technology, data analytics, and innovative personalized experiences. This webinar is ideal for beauty education institutions of all sizes that are looking to improve their student engagement and outperform their competitors.

The all-star panel includes:

  • Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group (moderator)
  • Heather Cantrell, Aveda Institute
  • oseph Medline, Empire Beauty School
  • Joy McClure, Tricoci University
  • Violet Tamayo, Leadsquared
  • Parker Dickens, Oozle Media

Job Placement and Compliance: What Can Schools Do?

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group with Ben Zimmer and Chad Davis, Job Wise

Our main mission is to educate students so they’re ready for employment, but are we doing enough? This live conversation webinar will help schools better prepare their graduates for success, while giving you tips to make data collection easier. This important discussion is timely given the latest regulations with GE. Let’s help get our graduates to work!

We’ll discuss:

  • Preparing your students for employment
  • Building relationships with employers
  • Job placement tracking and reporting
  • Introduction of JobWise’s platform to help your recruiting efforts

About Ben Zimmer

Ben Zimmer

Ben Zimmer is co-founder and CEO of JobWise, the leading operating system for career services and placement for career colleges. Prior to JobWise, Ben was the founder of Entrata, a leading property management software, which he grew to $120 million in annual revenue without raising venture capital. He has authored articles for TechCrunch, Entreprenuer.com, and other publications and has been featured on the covers of Fortune Small Business Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine.

About Chad Davis

Chad Davis

Chad Davis is co-founder and Account Executive of JobWise, the leading operating system for career services and placement for career colleges. JobWise cuts time spent with tracking job placement by 50 – 75% and provides a powerful job board and text message matching tool which is 30X more effective than traditional online job boards. Prior to JobWise, Chad spent time at PluralSight and Pattern.

Get Your Students Financed

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Matt Chinn, UNISA

The biggest hurdle to enrollment is getting your students financed. Join us for a live webinar and discussion with COO of UNISA, a loan servicing company dedicated to the higher education space. We’ll even take all of your important Financial Aid questions live and answer them.

We’ll chat about:

  • Student-friendly financing
  • Basics of federal and private student loans
  • Breaking down payment plans
  • Financial literacy for students
  • And so much more!

About Matt Chinn

Matt Chinn

Matt Chinn is the COO of UNISA, INC.; a student loan servicing company located in Denver, CO and has a BSBA in Management from Northern Arizona University. Matt is privileged to work with higher education institutions and has great passion for helping students and administrators. Specializing in tuition payment plans, in-house financing, institutional loans, private loans and accounts receivable management, Matt is dedicated to due diligence, compliance, and customer service. He has presented at state, regional, and national Higher Education association meetings, served on committees as member or chair, and accepted the California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools Member of the Year award. Promoting best practices, financial literacy and default management, Matt is an honored BSMG contributor and guest speaker.

Get Your Students Hired

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Penny Burns, Founder of Beauty Cast Network

With Gainful Employment being one of the most talked about hot topics in beauty schools today, getting our students to work is the single most important job our institutions have post-graduation. Join us for a live webinar with Beauty Cast Network’s founder Penny Burns as she shares how to set students up for employment.

We’ll chat about:

  • Job opportunities in the industry
  • Connecting with employers
  • Hiring events
  • Keeping your students focused on the end goal
  • Beauty Cast Network’s FREE program for schools

About Penny Burns

Penny Burns

Penny Burns, Founder of Beauty Cast Network, has worked in the Beauty Industry for over 37 years and has worked in several facets of the industry, from owning and managing nine beauty schools to helping graduates and beauty employers connect through the Beauty Cast Network. Our mission is to help excite, educate, and expose graduates to their best first job in the industry. Penny believes when a graduate chooses a career path wisely that allows them to continue to learn and grow will eventually lead them to their Dream Career that is profitable and sustainable.

Beauty Cast Network is a Career Services platform that supports schools, students, and employers. Beauty Cast Network is where “Talent Meets Opportunity”.

Call Center Chat: Adding an Internal Team to Set Appointments

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Wendy Floyd, Admissions Support Lead for Bellus Academy

Need more hands to work your leads? Consider adding an appointment setter. This webinar will explore how a successful multi-campus beauty school uses a call center team to build rapport, book appointments, and work leads in conjunction with onsite reps.

Join us for an open discussion with Bellus Academy’s call center leader Wendy Floyd while we discuss:

  • Division of labor for reps vs call center
  • Lead quality control
  • Building rapport for the rep (before handing off)
  • Working effectively from home
  • Benchmarks and goals
  • Overseas vs in-house reps

About Wendy Floyd

Wendy Floyd

Wendy has worked for the Bellus Academy admissions department for 15 years. She’s held various positions including Admissions Advisor/ Admissions Floater Advisor, and for the last 7 years has been working in the arena of Admissions Support working from home in Northern California. She was promoted to the leadership role two years ago where she works alongside a small but mighty group of ladies that handles the call center and various other duties to support our team of reps in the San Diego CA area and Manhattan KS campus locations.

Hiring and Firing Admissions

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Becky Bloechle, Admissions Consultant

Admissions departments everywhere are seeing record-high turnover and schools are scrambling to fill and train these positions.

Join us for an open conversation with enrollment expert Becky Bloechle as we discuss:

  • Why there’s so much turnover!
  • Creating job postings
  • Where to find good reps
  • Interviewing tips
  • Expected salaries
  • Onboarding and training
  • Reasons to fire

About Becky Bloechle

Becky Bloechle

Becky Bloechle has an extensive background in higher education that spans from being on the front lines representing admissions/admissions management, in the classroom as a professor and in various student support roles such as academic resources & disability support services. Her passion and love for students and education has allowed her to work in diverse settings: colleges, universities, and career/vocational schools. Becky now has the distinct honor and privilege to work as a higher education consultant that specializes in providing training to admissions teams across the country. Her focus is now centered on coaching and training the next generation of admissions professionals & leaders.

Financial Aid and Admissions: Bridging the Gap

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Ronda Daly-Dolan and David Nichols, Financial Aid Solutions

The enrollment is not just the responsibility of the admissions team – let’s not forget about financial aid! This webinar will break down FAQ’s about financial aid while exploring how customer service skills and working in tandem with admissions will improve your enrollment.

Join guests Ronda Daly-Dolan and David Nichols from Financial Aid Solutions as BSMG Executive Director Jenn Lyles interviews and asks questions about:

  • Basics of financial aid
  • How FA reps can go the extra miles for leads
  • Challenges owners are facing
  • Dealing with turnover in FA
  • Working cohesively with admissions
  • and so much more!

About Ronda Daly-Dolan and David Nichols

Ronda Daly-Dolan and David Nichols

Ronda has been with FAS for the past 15 years and has been serving as the friendly first contact for newly DOE approved Schools, as well as, our FAS and Genesis School Management Software users. Ronda represents the company by attending numerous conferences and workshops around the country and strives to build personal relationships with present and future clients. Ronda has a strong customer relations and legal background which includes five years as a New England Patriots Cheerleader and additional years as the Manchester Wolves Arena Football Dance Squad Coach and Fan Event Coordinator, as well as, 7 years as a legal secretary for a prestigious law firm in the Boston area. Ronda also brings experience from the technical industry in working as an account manager for a major wireless phone company for over 4 years.

David has been with Financial Aid Services for over 25 years working in all areas of Title IV management including Pell Grants, Direct Loans, Budget Creation, ECAR updates, Training and Compliance. David is a key customer contact for newly DOE approved Schools in creating Initial Certification for Title IV funds, as well as satisfaction assurance for existing FAS clients. David is a well-known expert in the industry with client institutions and the Department of Education and represents FAS at many workshops and conferences. FAS clients look forward to seeing David at these meetings and new and prospective school staff love David’s friendly expert advice. David has a solid background in Student Financial Aid and School Management. Before coming to FAS, David was the FA at a large career school.

Are Your Students Truly Salon-Ready?

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Executive Director of Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Stephanie Melvin, VP of Business Development for Canvas ME

We do a great job teaching beauty school students technical skills and advanced techniques, but does it stop there? Is there a gap between the school and the salon because we’re not doing enough?

Join us for an open conversation with Stephanie Melvin, VP of Business Development for Canvas ME and former National Director of Enrollment and Marketing for Paul Mitchell Schools.

We’ll discuss this hot topic and challenge schools to start thinking differently. We’ll talk about:

  • Building professional portfolios
  • The power of personal brand
  • Engagement in the classroom
  • Getting more referrals with student satisfaction
  • Canvas ME’s school platform

About Stephanie Melvin

Stephanie Melvin

With twenty years of leadership, sales and consultative experience with top beauty industry brands, Stephanie Melvin currently blends her passion, skills, and education to guide the success of the industry’s leading recruitment platform, Canvas ME, as their Vice President of Business Development.

Prior to joining Canvas ME in 2022, Stephanie proudly served as the National Director of Enrollment for Paul Mitchell Schools for nearly a decade. In this role, she worked collaboratively with Paul Mitchell Advanced Education and John Paul Mitchell Systems to create and implement sales and marketing systems, and strategies and tools to elevate recruitment campaigns, enrollment systems, and salon relationships.

As a national sales and marketing training specialist, speaker, and business consultant, Stephanie provides industry leaders with results-driven education to take their business, and their teams, to their next level of success. To support the efforts she implements, and to best serve the industry at-large, Stephanie’s research is rooted in cross-generational communication. With this knowledge she guides teams toward building connections, communicating in ways that inspire growth, and coaching generations of leaders to embrace the future of our industry.

Managing a Multi-Campus Admissions Department

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Traci Jones, Director of Admissions for Bellus Academy

As schools grow and add admissions members to the team, managing reps who sit at different campuses is not an easy job. Or maybe you’re an owner or director who is responsible for overseeing your admissions rep and you don’t know where to start.

Join us for this exclusive webinar and chat with Traci Jones, Director of Admissions for Bellus Academy, a world-renowned brand and institute with four growing locations. We’ll chat about:

  • Hiring admissions reps
  • Setting goals for outreach and enrollment
  • Motivating your team
  • Appointment setters vs touring reps
  • Expected benchmarks

About Traci Jones

Traci Jones

Traci Jones serves as Corporate Director of Admissions for Bellus Academy, an award-winning 4-campus school headquartered in Southern California. She has more than 20 years of higher education experience, overseeing multi-campus vocational schools spanning a variety of trades and industries, but she got her start in admissions as a rep herself. With a passion for leading an enrollment team, Traci focuses on strong conversion rates, goal setting, training development, and inspiring her team to succeed.

Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Jess Gardner, Ramsey Solutions

Attract stellar employees and build your personal brand with LinkedIn! Join guest speaker Jess Gardner who not only manages the LinkedIn account for Ramsey Solutions (financial author and podcaster Dave Ramsey’s company) but has also helped dozens of employees go viral and gain national attention for their posts. Whether you’re looking to grow your school’s account or your personal one, this webinar will help you unlock the power of the top social platform for business.

About Jess Gardner

Jess Gardner

Jess Gardner is a Recruitment Marketer for Ramsey Solutions. This means she hangs out in HR, but she spends the majority of her time on LinkedIn. Through her LinkedIn trainings in the company, she has empowered team members to post organically on the platform leading to more B2B sales, employer brand awareness, podcast invitations, public speaking invitations and posts getting 7 million+ impressions.

Getting Referrals Without Looking Super Desperate

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Anthony Civitano, Cyanna Education Services

Referrals are GOLD! They’re the top source for conversion, usually leading to high enrollment numbers and very little work for the admissions team. The problem is schools are doing a terrible job asking for them—and they’re often asking for referrals way too early in the student’s journey. So, how do you properly ask for referrals and how can you get more reviews from your students to help you get even more leads? Discover the best-kept secrets in the beauty school business to getting more referrals without looking desperate.

About Anthony Civitano

Anthony Civitano

Anthony Civitano is a dynamic leader and accomplished CEO with a proven record of driving business growth and profitability. Anthony is the former co-owner of eight beauty school campuses, where he increased revenue and cultivated a performance-oriented culture. He then co-founded SalonHQ, a digital solution for distributors, salons, and salon clients to acquire beauty products. Anthony now serves as Chief Operating Officer at Cyanna Education Services.

The New Speed-to-Lead and Outreach Strategies for Gen Z

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Ashley Gottschalk, Cyanna Education Services

Smile and dial is old school and doesn’t work as well as it used to. So, how can you engage digital natives like Gen Z? We’ll uncover stats about this up-and-coming generation that will help your team not only have better contact rates but will also improve show rates and enrollment. Outreach strategies should be changing… are you stuck in the past?

About Ashley Gottschalk

Ashley Gottschalk

EDlumina Account Executive Ashley Gottschalk has years of experience in customer service, communications, operational compliance, and electronic records— all of which help her to understand how important it is to have the right educational platform for managing your school or organization.

Emotional Selling: The Secret to Higher Conversion Rates

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Shane Sparks, Enrollment Resources

Guest speaker Shane Sparks will share some highlights from Enrollment Resources’ recent research on “The Hidden Motivation of Career School Prospects”, including specific insights from more than 50,000 beauty school prospects. We will discuss the emotional needs that trigger enrollment decisions, and share ways you can tap into your prospects hidden motivations to increase marketing and admissions performance.

About Shane Sparks

Shane Sparks

A practical innovator with a passion for helping schools grow enrollment, Shane Sparks and his team at Enrollment Resources are focused on uncovering insights that make a meaningful difference to student recruitment. Shane co-founded the company in 2003. He has led service delivery, product development — including the creation of Virtual Adviser, ER’s flagship lead engagement SaaS solution — and now serves as CEO.

Turn your Website Traffic Into More Leads

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Valarie McBee, Thruline Marketing

Your website is the greatest tool for generating future enrollments – are you missing an opportunity to generate more leads? Discover simple tweaks you can make to your website to improve conversion rates and learn how you can get more form fills on different areas of your website. We’ll even share details about our new, affordable Website Performance Package that guarantees more leads! This is one webinar you won’t want to miss.

Cross-selling Programs: Turning Makeup Leads into Cosmetology Enrollments

We all get them – leads who request information for a program we don’t offer or a for a smaller program that doesn’t offer financial aid. How do you turn makeup or lash extension leads into a cosmetology enrollment? Would a nail lead want a larger program? Join us for this webinar with co-guest speaker Sarah Holmes who will give away her top-notch secrets for cross-selling programs. If your school only offers one or two programs, this is one webinar you won’t want to miss.

Creating Events that Turn Into Enrollments

Old school open houses don’t work anymore. Get creative and plan events that lead to enrollments. This webinar will give you ideas for onsite and virtual events that will draw new leads (and old) to learn more about your school and enroll. Our leads have changed … have your events?

Benchmarks for Admissions and Marketing: How Your Team Should Be Goal-Setting and Proper Expectations – with Special Guest Anthony Civitano

Setting goals for your admissions team is the best way to meet your population expectations, but you can’t do that without having proper metrics for marketing. This webinar will help you determine the best way to set goals, how to determine what’s working and what isn’t, and what you should be looking at on reports to stay profitable.

Improving Your Enrolled-to-Start Rate with Special Guest Sarah Holmes

Your admissions and financial aid team do a stellar job taking a prospective student from a lead to an enrolled student. But beauty schools around the country are facing declined start rates and new students delaying their start date. What can you do to turn this around? Discover how a strategic nurturing strategy can improve your start rates.

Next Level TikTok: How Beauty Schools Can Elevate Their Content

If you haven’t watched the TikTok for Beginners webinar, do that before attending this.

With more schools jumping on the TikTok train, there are things you can do to get more views, rack up more likes, and even utilize your students to share your brand. This webinar will give you concrete ideas for content creation and how to execute great videos for TikTok. Why spend more money on social platforms when you can have great reach organically on one of the most popular apps in the world?

Putting Together the Beauty School Dream Team, from Admissions to Financial Aid to Educators

Our schools aren’t immune from The Great Resignation, and many organizations are suffering from high turnover and are unable to find quality replacements. Where do you go to recruit new admissions and financial aid reps, educators, or even administrative staff? Should you offer signing bonuses? Are there other tweaks you can make for your school to be a more desirable place to work? Learn what the top companies in America are doing to retain employees, how you can find new talent, and how to put together a beauty school dream team.

Getting the Most Out of BSD Leads: How They’re Different and How to Convert to Them

Beauty Schools Directory (BSD) generates thousands of leads per month, and these qualified leads turn into a slew of enrollments for our members. But if you want to increase your conversion rate with Beauty Schools Directory, you need to work these leads slightly differently than you would an organic lead straight from your website. Discover new admissions strategies that will help you turn these leads into enrollments and find out how to tweak your messaging to get better results.

TikTok for Beginners and How Beauty Schools Should Be Using It

With more than one billion monthly active users, TikTok has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms in existence today. In 2020, TikTok broke records for the most downloads in one quarter. This webinar will explore how beauty schools can capitalize on the growth and organic reach this app has to offer, while showing you the basics of what TikTok is and why Gen Z can’t stop scrolling. If you’re looking to get in the TikTok game, you won’t want to miss this presentation.

The New School Way to Contact Leads

We’ve seen a giant pivot with the way leads want to be contacted today. With Gen Z entering our schools and millennials adopting to a new way of conversing, it’s time you updated your admissions strategies to meet your leads where they’re at. This webinar will explore a new way to contact new leads that will lead to more engagement and booked tours.

What Marketing Channels Have the Biggest ROI?

This webinar will break down the various marketing channels that beauty schools should consider for the biggest ROI. Whether you’re a large or chain or a one-campus school, things have changed. What worked for you three years ago may not work for you now. You’ll learn how to look at data in a new way to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of marketing.

Upcoming Webinars

HELP! I Can’t Get a Hold of My Leads!

Thursday, May 16
11am CT

Speakers: Jenn Lyles, Beauty Schools Marketing Group and Loren Ellison, a former VP of Admissions for a multi-campus school and current Leadsquared strategist

Your prospects aren’t answering the phone and they’re not texting you back … isn’t that the worst?! We have some tips for you!

Join Jenn Lyles and guest Loren Ellison, a former VP of Admissions for a multi-campus school and current Leadsquared strategist, for this live webinar where we’ll explore the top ways to get your leads to respond to you.

We’ll discuss:

  • The best channels to use
  • Messaging that resonates
  • Cadence strategy for outreach
  • Scheduling tours effectively
  • Technologies to consider
  • Live questions!

Loren Ellison

Loren Ellison is a trusted advisor for LeadSquared’s enterprise Higher Education customers. She uses her expertise to help them digitally transform their enrollment processes, solve their business problems, and achieve their organizational goals.

Loren has a wide breadth of knowledge in Higher Education and, over the past decade, has held positions in Admissions, Student Success, Reporting and Analytics, and Strategic Planning.

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